Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Samuel Beckett: Absurdly Hot!

Samuel Beckett was a playwright who worked in a style called the "Theatre of the Absurd," which is all surreal and existential and weird and stuff. He wrote that Waiting for Godot play that we didn't see (spoiler: Godot never even shows up! Ripoff!). We did see the Sesame Street version, however, and felt it expertly expressed the universal frustration of the human condition by exploring the nature of the abyss and the delineation between objective and subjective realities.

Anyway, all the existing pictures of Sammy B. are like Black Turtleneck City, ya know? I mean, he looks like a guy who'd say that every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness. That is not a good look! Thank god Literary Makeovers was here to help. Behold:

Before ("I can't go on.")

("I'll go on!")

Well well, Samuel Beckett! I believe I do mean love when I say love (now)! Although, to his credit, he always had pretty stylin' hair.