Thursday, May 21, 2009

John Keats: Bright (movie) Star

John Keats was already pretty sexy, and he wrote about sexy things sometimes (but also: death). It was inevitable, therefore, that we have a movie about Keats, and so we do! Bright Star premiered at Cannes recently, and chronicles the love affair between the poet and Fanny Brawne (spoiler: it's doomed and he dies of TB like everyone else did in the 19th century). They cast two super sexy leads, of course, and Jane Campion directs the apparently dreamy, visual, and romantic film.

We like all that, and it probably jibes with Keats' poetry, but we've seen lots of movies about "passionate" love affairs, and we think Campion approached the whole thing from the wrong angle. Their real love story is totally boring (they were neighbors, they fell in love and bonded over poetry, blah blah blah). REAL love is when people try to kill each other, and then don't. I've taken the liberty of making a movie poster (like Katie's earlier Keats post!) reflecting this far superior interpretation of doomed 19th century literary love: