Friday, February 29, 2008

Hot All-Girl Second Lady Action

Lynne Cheney's masterpiece Sisters is, sadly, out of print. Thankfully, the full text is available from (or just skip to the good parts here). We like this book a lot better than most literature-y stuff we've read. So here's our salute to the Second Lady!

That right, Kemo Sabe

We thought it would be so totally cute to do Sherman Alexie and Jhumpa Lahiri together, since they're both Indians, but then we've just been told that they're actually not the same kind of Indian. Oh, well, who's going to know the difference, right?

Lorrie Moore

Lorrie Moore's stories, we've been told, are brilliant. And she's already pretty cute for a writer. But we have an idea as to how she might sell more books.

George Saunders

George Saunders wrote "Sea Oak," a short story about a male stripper. Don't get excited--it's not as hot as one would hope. It helps, though, to look at this new-and-improved Saunders as your read it:

Remembering how it all began

In 2007 Wordsworth Editions Photoshopped a portrait of Jane Austen to make her look more appealing to readers. While the origianl portrait may have been fine for olden times, today's public is accustomed to being entertained exclusively by hot people, and Austen was so totally not pretty. It occurred to our team of hotness technicians that a lot of writers could use our help, and so Literary Makeovers was born.

Why is the work we do so important? Take a look at this picture of Dave Eggers:

Sure, he's Ok. We here at Literary Makeovers would probably do him. But try looking at that picture and then reading this story by Eggers. You're probably thinking, "All right, that was a nice story, I guess." But now look at this picture of Eggers:

See? Now you don't even need to read some story or whatever to know you appreciate Dave Eggers. That's why our work here is so crucial.

Lewis Carroll